Participation as a retention and engagement driver

participate = to be present, to take part, to belong, to be involved
participation = active participation

Participation means that employees actively take part in what happens in the company and actively help shape its development. If you want to promote the participation of your employees, inform them about your goals and visions and involve them in decisions concerning their work. Give them confidence and give them the opportunity to actively PARTICIPATE with their competencies, experience and ideas.

By involving employees in decision-making processes and giving them the opportunity to contribute and implement their own ideas, employees feel valued and taken seriously. Active participation helps employees to identify more strongly with the company and thus also to commit themselves more strongly to joint success. The success of the company becomes personal success - and vice versa.

A participative corporate culture also creates the perfect breeding ground for innovation. Strong employee participation can give an enormous boost to the company's creativity and progress.

When planning appropriate initiatives, a distinction must be made between

- the object to which participation relates - individual projects/processes or the overall organization and

- the degree of co-determination - information rights, proposal rights, co-determination rights, veto rights, full autonomy

Sharing in success also means reaping the rewards together. So don't forget to attribute corporate successes to ALL those who have contributed to them.