Do you have predominantly growth-oriented employees and are looking for inspiration on how to inspire them and spur them on to top performance? Here are a few impulses on how you can create an optimal, motivating environment for your team.

Assign responsibility: Give your growth-oriented employees the benefit of the doubt and let them do things their own way. The demand to solve tasks and achieve goals in the best possible way lies within them.

Showing career paths: Growth-oriented employees need perspectives. Paint a clear picture of where the path can lead within the company.

Promoting individual development: Jointly devised development plans tailored to individual skills and goals motivate and bring out the best in your employees.

Utilize special skills: Often employees have skills you don't even know about yet. Find out their strengths and areas of interest and try to incorporate them where possible.

Share KnowHow: Use the resources within the company and let your employees learn from each other. Not only is it important to pass on the knowledge of the experienced to the younger ones, but the inexperienced often have new perspectives to contribute and can help break up old patterns.

Offer challenges: For growth-minded people, there's nothing more frustrating than routine. Give your employees the opportunity to work on projects that challenge them and spur their ambition. Overcoming challenges is something growth-oriented people need like the air they breathe.

Encourage continuing education: Give your employees the opportunity to deepen their knowledge or acquire additional skills. Continuing education is an investment that not only promotes the retention of growth-oriented employees, but also helps the company itself stay up to date.

Establish a feedback culture: Growth-oriented employees want to apply their knowledge and help shape the company's success. Ensure that feedback gets to the key people in the shortest possible time and that improvements can be implemented quickly.

As an employer of growth-oriented employees, you are challenged to continuously keep things moving within the company: Don't let boredom set in, don't let anything become stale. As long as your employees keep moving, see sufficient challenges and development opportunities within the company, they will be committed and contribute to the company's success with all their might.