The survey has been set up, those responsible have been informed, and employees know about the upcoming process and trust that they can express themselves openly. Now it is important to encourage as many people as possible to participate in order to achieve high data quality and meaningful results. In this article, you will learn how to achieve a participation rate of 90% or more. 100% is the goal!


From a compulsory exercise to a tool for success

Even beforehand, you can create positive vibes with your own attitude. Create confidence that you want to bring about good things for everyone, spread a spirit of optimism! The PERSENTIS survey is conducted without providing any personal data; employees are allowed and encouraged to share what is on their minds. Even if it sometimes requires a broad back when blunt criticism is voiced: There has to be room for that, too, and ultimately (almost) every critical statement also contains constructive elements.

Invitation BASIC

With your survey link, you will also receive a text suggestion that can be used 1:1 for your e-mail invitation or also adapted according to your ideas. Do not send out the survey link without comment. Even if everyone has been comprehensively pre-informed, you still need a short introduction, a few personal words and information on anonymity and the scope of the survey. Of course, you can also distribute the link - or in between - as a reminder via Whats App or within your internal platform.

If the invitation is sent exclusively by e-mail, a response rate of approx. 50 - 65% can be expected.

Invitation ADVANCED

As soon as your analysis has been created and activated, you will find a flyer with a QR code for download in your account that leads directly to the survey. Print it out several times and hang it up in a clearly visible place - preferably wherever your employees frequently spend time: In the checkroom, in the meeting or break room, on the bulletin board, at the toilet, by the coffee machine, ... on doors, walls, mirrors, soap dispensers, ...

Invitation PREMIUM

Nearly 100% participation was achieved by users who generously gave the PERSENTIS survey time and space within their daily work. Employees were actively encouraged to participate in the survey at some point during the term in a quiet corner set aside for this purpose.

This request was perceived much less as a "duty" than one might assume - quite the opposite: spending valuable working time to participate in an employee survey underlines how much the opinion of each individual means to the employer. Simply giving time and creating a pleasant survey environment sends a message: Your opinion matters. Your needs, expectations and desires are important to me. I want to hear what you have to say.

In your PERSENTIS account, you have an overview of the performance of your survey at all times. In addition, you receive a daily status report with the current participation.