Do what you love, love what you do

Qualified people want to contribute their skills and work on things that interest them and promote their competencies. They need meaningful work content and exciting tasks that match their own skills and focus like they need air to breathe. It is both a challenge and an incentive for them to go above and beyond.
Companies whose employees are strongly focused on their work content benefit from high performance quality.

Demand and Promote

Underchallenge creates frustration. Those who have good training or special skills also want to use their skills and prove themselves. According to the Gallup Engagement Index, the number one factor for employee retention is having the opportunity to "do what you're really good at" on the job. Being able to play to one's strengths at work is thus rated as 5 times more important than salary. In second place is the quality of leadership, and in third place again a work content issue: "A challenging job that is perceived as meaningful". Employees who see a purpose in their work and feel they can make a difference are proud of what they do - and proud of their company.

According to the Gallup study, only 20% of employees feel they bring their best qualities and skills to work.

As an employer, you can develop employees with a "job content" focus by offering a variety of tasks that require know-how and involve challenges. Employees want tasks that demand everything of them, that they can immerse themselves in and grow from. The level of challenge is crucial: gladly big, but conquerable and realistic.

Impetus for the creation of fulfilling WORKING CONTENTS

  • Consider focal points
    You are particularly good at the tasks you are particularly good at. Stay in dialog to find out where your individual focus lies.
  • Create time and space
    People who are absorbed in their work want to be able to devote themselves fully to it. Ensure the best possible framework for this.
  • Think outside the box
    Employees often have skills that lie outside their own regular area of responsibility. Offer opportunities to apply interdisciplinary skills within the company.
  • Transfer project responsibility
    Projects with clear targets can be an excellent incentive and give employees the opportunity to do things "their own way". The important thing here is to offer the necessary support and flexibility to complete the project successfully.

All of these measures contribute to employees being able to find themselves in their areas of responsibility and live out their potential.