Top performance with the lock-and-key principle!

The focus is always on the person - each individual. The many facets, wishes and visions of a personality cannot be represented in numbers and scales. But it is possible: To determine individual focal points and tendencies, to summarize them and thus to draw a meaningful picture of a group. This reveals how the group as a whole is characterized, what dynamics prevail and what inspires it.

PERSENTIS is based on the fact that the drive of every person on the job consists of three components that are weighted differently for each individual. Depending on the weighting, these must be activated in different ways so that employees are able - and willing - to perform at their best.

The emotional component: Emotionally oriented people want to identify with the company and with their tasks. They like to go about their work wholeheartedly and attach great importance to the personal level fitting in.

The calculative component: For those with a calculative orientation, measurable benefits are in the foreground; performance and consideration are carefully weighed up. If the general conditions are right, the performance will be right, too.

The growth-oriented component: Professional and personal development are the focus here, because you don't want to be a cog in the system, but rather make the most of yourself and your life.

The use of PERSENTIS makes it possible to identify motives and motivational factors. With appropriate measures tailored to them, retention, commitment - and thus overall company performance - can be increased. Both productivity and performance quality increase when you know which key fits.