PERSENTIS for more attractiveness as an employer -

Increasing attractiveness: The PERSENTIS results show how highly their own employees rate the attractiveness of the employer offering in terms of material and non-material aspects. This shows which areas have particular strengths that can be leveraged in recruiting and where improvements need to be made. Which qualities are outstanding reveal the strongest arguments in the "war for talents".

PERSENTIS for more loyalty and employee retention -

Increasing retention: PERSENTIS distinguishes between the emotional, the calculative and the growth-oriented components. The results show how the company's own employees are oriented and in which areas precise measures can be taken to create, maintain and permanently strengthen loyalty.

PERSENTIS for more motivation and performance enjoyment -

Increase performance: PERSENTIS is NOT an employee satisfaction survey! Those who are satisfied have no reason to be active. To make such a state of "destructive satisfaction" visible, PERSENTIS contrasts this factor with employee engagement. If you want to have motivated, committed employees, you have to constantly create incentives for activity: Following the motto MOTIVATE by MOTIVE , PERSENTIS breaks down where to start specifically to achieve the greatest possible effect.