Strategic instruments for quantitative and qualitative corporate growth

Given the changes currently taking place in the labor market, it is more important than ever to pay special attention to the employee issue. In this context, it is not enough to react to problems that already exist. Effective retention management is a long-term project that must be actively and consistently managed. Our approach to this comes from branding: from the inside out.

In order to actively shape employee retention, it is first necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the motives and formative influences within the company. What expectations do my employees have of their job? What motivates them and what holds them back? What do employees want - and what do they need? Knowing this in detail is not only an advantage, but absolutely essential in order to be able to use existing resources optimally.

Future-oriented employers have long recognized the need and are also prepared to invest. But where to start? Offering everything that Dr. Google suggests as a retention tool on the off chance? Not exactly efficient, and above all much more time-consuming than necessary. Because even if offers and bonuses are gladly accepted, this does not guarantee that all these (expensive!) measures will actually serve their purpose. Despite all the ambition to be crowned Employer of the Year, it would be advisable not to lose sight of the goal: A high quality of performance, personal responsibility, cohesion, ... And it is also quite permissible to check back on this.

PERSENTIS provides the right tool for the job: The results from the employee survey not only provide information about how strong the employer brand is internally and externally, but also what this is specifically based on. In addition, feedback and ideas are collected and effective fields of action that strengthen employee loyalty - and thus loyalty, motivation and performance - are uncovered. On this basis, measures can be developed that serve the company's goals and have a precise impact.