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We used PERSENTIS for the first time in April 2024. The response was extraordinary. 100% of the employees participated. The feedback helps us a lot in a proactive and value-oriented employee management. PERSENTIS also impressively shows us the feelings and needs of our employees. Very well done tool, thank you for that and congratulations!

Hans Egger, CFO - metrica Austria
"The system of the 3 motivation pillars, the approach and the simple online survey of PERSENTIS is TOP. You find out how your own team is positioned and which measures are individually required."
Isabella Hren, CEO - Bayerische Gastgeber AG, Managing Director - Bayern Tourist GmbH

"The cooperation with the PERSENTIS team and the use of the software for our employee survey was a complete success. The process was very simple and straightforward. We were able to achieve a high participation rate of almost 80% among our employees. On the one hand, the results confirmed our attractiveness as an employer in the decisive points and, on the other hand, provided valuable starting points for further development. We are already implementing the initial findings in the ongoing management training.

Franz Fuch-Weikl, CEO - BFI Salzburg

"We owe our pioneering role in family leave first and foremost to our employees. As an employer, it is therefore essential for us to know what our employees need, what motivates them, and how we can support them - and thus increase their loyalty. PERSENTIS provides in-depth information on this, no other tool can match that."

Florian Mayer, Managing Partner - Familux Resorts

"PERSENTIS is a wonderful tool for all those who have a genuine interest in their position as an employer. How are my employees doing in my company, how do they feel connected to it and what approaches do I need to take to keep them even more successful? The insights gained are in line with the signs of the times that the psychological contract between people and companies is the key to success. Conceived by hosts, made for hosts, realized for the benefit of hosts."

Hans Peter Oberhuber, Coordinator - WorkForUs

"It's amazing that you can gain such comprehensive and multi-layered insights with so little effort: We got a clear picture of the mood, know where to start and which measures are the right ones for which teams. We are very satisfied and will continue PERSENTIS in our area in the future."

Wolfgang Spitzenberger MBA, Head of HR - Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich

"PERSENTIS has managed to find the common denominator between our team and the management. As an employer, we now know which components are really important to our employees and how we can improve in this regard. The analysis is a great help to a strong employer brand and higher loyalty."

Dennis Imhof, Managing Partner - Imhof Privathotels

"The evaluation and analysis by PERSENTIS has given me as an entrepreneur an overview of my entire personnel situation. The personal evaluations and comments have given me a picture of the mood in the workforce, and the evaluations and analyses have pointed out necessary measures. A professional tool that will certainly be helpful in the future."

Christian Schottenhamel, CEO - Paulaner Nockherberg

"PERSENTIS showed us how quickly and easily we could carry out a detailed survey in our team, in which language barriers could also be easily overcome and we were thus able to obtain representative feedback."

Marvin Kingsley, Hotel Manager - Hotel Apart, Switzerland

"Our goal was to create our own employee brand. But in order to determine the status quo, to find out where we were starting from, we had to find out what really makes our employees tick, what motivates them, what they need and what bothers them. To initiate this process, the PERSENTIS tool is the measure of all things. The evaluation not only provided us with important clues for communication, but also gave us insights that we would never have suspected. This has given us new tools that we urgently needed in the current situation."

Gerhard Höflehner, owner - Hotel Höflehner

"We were delighted with the PERSENTIS module for the employee survey! It was extremely easy to use, the daily reports offer the greatest possible transparency, the evaluation is very detailed and yet extremely clear and, above all, really informative. A particular advantage of PERSENTIS is that core questions that are particularly important in terms of team development can easily be added as additional questions. This makes PERSENTIS absolutely flexible and individual. We can therefore highly recommend PERSENTIS."

Max Hillmeier, spa director - Bad Hindelang
1605, 2024
From Tied to Tied

A subtle but crucial difference: people who are connected to us move us forward. People who are attached to us tend to hold us back. So it makes a considerable difference...

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