"Only those who know their location can determine their course" applies not only on the high seas, but also to corporate navigation. Especially when it comes to employee issues.

The willingness to invest in the crew is highly present in forward-looking companies. It is known that loyal and high-performing employees are a valuable - if not THE most valuable - resource. Separate budgets are set up to show appreciation and offer prospects. So far, so good prerequisites.


The big question is: How can I use this budget in a way that serves both the recipients and the company's goals? How can I get to my goal in the fastest way possible, without detours, and without wasting resources?


With your GPS from PERSENTIS you find out: What is my current position? What is the psychological contract in my company? What is the distance to my destinations? Which route leads there? How is my team oriented - is their drive emotional, calculative or growth-oriented? What is the current state of bonding, are the knots tied tightly? Which way is the wind blowing? How should the sails be set in order to move forward as quickly as possible? Which cliffs need to be avoided? Which maneuvers lead to the goal, and where should I start?


PERSENTIS not only shows where you stand, but also how you can get on the road to success. And success in this context means:

  • Employees who always have a goal in mind and are therefore intrinsically motivated and full of drive
  • who feel heard, understood and taken seriously, who - together with the leadership - pull together
  • who share the values and goals of the company and embody these towards customers, guests and partners
  • A higher efficiency and quality of service
  • An employer brand that goes from strength to strength from within and attracts the very applicants who fit that very ship.
  1. LINE LOS!

If you know where you are and where you want to go, there is nothing to stop you from hoisting the sails and setting full speed ahead. The PERSENTIS team says AHOI and good luck!