Bavaria's top hosts take the helm on employee issues. Dennis Imhof, Managing Director of Imhof Privat Hotels and ambassador of the Young Hosts Forum, has done the groundwork and tells us how he and his team fared with PERSENTIS:

Procedure: fast and uncomplicated

A major advantage of PERSENTIS is that it requires little time on the part of the employer. After registering, you receive a ready-made invitation message with a link to the survey and a QR code, making it easy to take part on your cell phone. We made slight adjustments to the invitations and sent them to all employees, which meant that most of our work was already done.

Regular updates on participation rates kept us informed on a daily basis, and the obligatory latecomers could thus be reminded of the survey in a timely manner. Filling out the questionnaire took only a few minutes and was easy to understand and use for both our trainees and long-term employees. Even for people who do not regularly work on a PC, participation was not a digital hurdle. In addition, everyone was able to participate in the survey in their native language - a huge plus, especially for our industry. The PERSENTIS team was always there to support us and answered our questions competently afterwards.

Knowing what works: insights & measures

What is special about PERSENTIS is the differentiation between the three pillars of emotion, calculation and growth, on the basis of which one gains exciting insights into the inclinations of the team and their attachment to the company. We have found that our team is predominantly emotionally oriented and places great value on loyalty and a good working atmosphere. To better address our company culture and values, we then put our mission and vision in writing and made them available to all team members. We have also increased the frequency of feedback meetings. In this way, we manage to use our efforts for high employee retention in a very targeted and efficient way.

A concrete example: In a feedback session after PERSENTIS with one of our first-year apprentice chefs, it turned out that he has been studying our menu and the concept behind it in detail since the beginning of his apprenticeship. He told us that he has already researched various recipes and come up with creations. We went through these with him and put a dish based on his ideas on the menu.

The intensified personnel discussions after our PERSENTIS analysis have thus not only led to higher motivation and loyalty, but at the same time an even better offer could be created.

Team Imhof

Conclusion: Clear recommendation

The effects of staff shortages are omnipresent and are a problem for many entrepreneurs in the service sector. In addition, it is much more efficient to retain a committed core team in the long term instead of constantly searching for new talented people. Being an attractive employer should therefore be at the top of every hotelier's or restaurateur's agenda. For DEHOGA members, there is also an attractive price advantage. In combination with the small amount of time required, I see nothing but advantages and great added value in participating.

We will definitely repeat PERSENTIS on a regular basis, because the handling of the results was closely followed by our employees and we could register great interest in the implemented optimizations. In order not to lose this momentum and to continue working on ourselves, we will now use PERSENTIS once a year for a valuable stocktaking.