Is there a beauty secret?

Rarely has the world of work experienced such upheavals as in recent months. A positive side effect: young professionals, high potentials and previously hard-to-win specialists are actively looking for jobs. So anyone who knows how to seize the opportunity in the crisis now and win over the best of the best will secure a clear and sustainable competitive advantage.

Now more than ever, it is important to position oneself as an attractive employer. But what exactly makes employers attractive? Is there an "ideal of beauty" - THE ideal employer? What exactly needs to be done to win the "war for talent"? There are plenty of surveys and studies on the subject, and in principle you just have to orient yourself to the results. Unfortunately, the results vary widely, depending on who surveys whom and when. So we took a look at current study results in German-speaking countries and listed all the criteria that determine employer attractiveness. And here are the results.

In summary, an excellent employer must offer the following:
An exciting range of tasks, a pleasant working atmosphere, opportunities for promotion, creative freedom, flexible working time models, freedom to make decisions, long-term job security, provisions, stable core values, a well-equipped workplace, appropriate salary, social benefits, work-life balance, short working distances, a good image, appreciation, recognition, the corporate culture must fit, meaningful work, talent management, personal responsibility, creativity, challenges, opportunities to participate, team-oriented work, flexibility, talent management, state-of-the-art technology, opportunities for further training, security, additional benefits, an international environment, innovation, varied tasks, empowerment, family-friendly working hours, a management style at eye level, benefits, digitization, individual support, a family environment, health promotion, development opportunities, a clear vision of the future.

In principle, this could now be our checklist (checklists that you can tick off point by point are nice!) and bang - most attractive employer in the world! But ... unfortunately, it's not quite that simple - for one thing, because we can only work with the resources we have: There's nothing we'd rather do than add a zero to our employees' pay slips and align their working hours with their individual biorhythms. On the other hand, we're not at all sure that everyone should find us equally attractive. Actually, we want a team that is not only top-notch professionally, but also has the right mindset. And that can only find us if we show ourselves as we are. But first things first ...

FIRST step in our beauty project: Create order - Categorize
First, we need a logical pattern so that we can work on one point at a time. This is where PERSENTIS comes in: The analysis tool for targeted attraction & retention management categorizes by emotional (this includes work climate, loyalty/responsibility and identification), calculative (e.g. salary and working hours) and growth-oriented (factors relating to professional and personal development). A little structure already makes things clearer.

Before we look at our appeal and consider how we can best appear on the job market, we take a close look in the mirror and question our employees, because you can only credibly stand for something on the outside that is actually lived on the inside.

DIRECT Step: Target and Credit - Prioritize & Optimize
First, we look at what we can already put on the credit side (a few checkmarks on the checklist immediately put us in a good mood). If our PERSENTIS results show that employees particularly value the training offered, for example, we put a big green tick behind it and make sure it stays that way.
Then we take an unsparing look at our blemishes - we don't want to say squeeze out pimples now - but yes, that's exactly how it is. Inflammatory foci need to be treated, this is the only way we can create the basis for a positive development.
Then we check whether there are things where we are no longer far from the credit side and which can be achieved with little effort. We put these at the top of our to-do list. In this way, we can improve step by step and build up or expand a credible, positive employer image.

FOURTH STEP: Show what you've got - Presenting
Now it's time for the "courtship": You can wear a little discreet makeup, after all, you want to shine and show off your assets if you want to convince someone of your merits. Special highlights - the points that really set us apart from the rest - are our precision weapons in the "War for Talents". You can find out what these are in your case in your PERSENTIS resultsunder "Top arguments in recruiting".

There is no generally valid standard recipe for employer attractiveness. But that doesn't matter at all, because then everyone would be "beautiful" to the same extent and in the same way. It is neither possible nor sensible to be attractive to all job seekers. Rather, it is a matter of making the best of oneself, of finding out one's special characteristics - the little things that give character, that one can "fall in love" with. This is how what belongs together comes together. A strong, consistent, loyal team can emerge and grow together. And don't forget: True beauty comes from within!