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Successful customers are the best reference. Here, people who have already carried out a PERSENTIS analysis talk about their experiences.

PERSENTIS showed us how quickly and easily we could carry out a detailed survey in our team, in which language barriers could also be easily overcome and we were thus able to obtain representative feedback.

Marvin Kingsley

Hotel manager

Hotel Apart, Mattenstrasse 1, 6343 Rotkreuz, CH
www.apart-rotkreuz.ch, +41 41 799 49 99, info@apart-rotkreuz.ch


PERSENTIS is a wonderful tool for all those who have a genuine interest in their position as an employer. How are my employees doing in my company, how do they feel connected to it and what approaches do I need to take to keep them even more successful? The insights gained are in line with the signs of the times that the psychological contract between people and companies is the key to success. Conceived by hosts, made for hosts, realized for the benefit of hosts.

Hans Peter Oberhuber


WORK FOR US in tourism, Schulstraße 14, 5700 Zell am See, AT
www.workforus.at,+43 664 1121350, info@workforus.at


The results of the report or summary were very meaningful. The text feedback was also very specific and rounded off the overall picture. For us, for example, it was very pleasing that we are perceived by our employees as an attractive employer with a high level of loyalty. Our employees are committed to their work and identify very strongly with the content of their work. The big surprise for us was that more participation is very important to our employees. We have the self-image that we live participation in the company to a high degree. At the same time, this obviously increases the demands and expectations. This realization was very important for us and also extremely positive. Finally, it allows us to expand our efforts even further. For example, we immediately incorporated the topic into our current management training course.

In any case, we plan to repeat the survey in two years at the latest to see if our actions lead to further improvement in the results.

Franz Fuchs-Weikl

Managing Director

BFI Salzburg BildungsGmbH, Schillerstraße 30, 5020 Salzburg, AT
www.bfi-sbg.at, +43 662 883081-710, ffuchs-weikl@bfi-sbg.at


We, metrica Austria GmbH, used PERSENTIS for the first time about three weeks ago. The response was extraordinary. 100% of our employees took part. The feedback we received helps us a lot with proactive and value-oriented employee management and shows us the feelings and needs of our employees in an impressive way. I can only recommend it with full conviction. A very successful tool, thank you and congratulations!

Hans Egger


metrica Austria, Amlach 6a, 9761 Greifenburg, AT
www.metrica.de,+43 4712 3220, info@metrica.de


The decision to work with PERSENTIS was a very wise investment as it allowed us to find out quickly and efficiently what our employees think about our company. The survey had a high participation rate and the comments were very useful in optimizing the working environment.

Dr. Dory Ottenbacher

Managing Partner

Hotel Adler AspergStuttgarter Straße 2, 71679 Asperg, DE
www.adler-asperg.de, +49 (7141) 26 60 0, info@adler-asperg.de


It's amazing that you can gain such comprehensive and multi-layered insights with so little effort: We have gained a clear picture of the mood, know where to start and which measures are the right ones for which teams. We are very satisfied and will continue to use PERSENTIS in our area in the future.

Wolfgang Spitzenberger, MBA

Head of Human Resources
Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich Aktiengesellschaft, Europaplatz 1a, 4020 LinzHochstraße77, AT
www.raiffeisen.at, +43 732 65960, internet@raiffeisen-ooe.at


The application is simple and easy to understand and, thanks to the many languages offered, every employee has the opportunity to give honest feedback without a language barrier. The support from PERSENTIS is great, fast and absolutely helpful!

Hannah Manz

Personnel department

Atrium Hotel Mainz, Flugplatzstraße 44, 55126 Mainz, DE
www.atrium-mainz.de, +49 6131 491-0, info@atrium-mainz.de


We owe our pioneering role in family leave first and foremost to our employees. As an employer, it is therefore essential for us to know what our employees need, what motivates them, how we can support them - and thus increase loyalty. PERSENTIS provides in-depth information on this, no other tool can match it.

Florian Mayer

Managing Partner
Mayer family service GmbH, Lussparkweg 2, 6631 Lermoos/Tyrol, AT
www.familux.com, +43 5673 24245000, info@familux.com


"Good for guests, good for employees: the opportunity to gain completely new experiences within the familiar corporate structure can be a decisive factor in attractiveness as an employer. In view of the constantly changing demands for flexibility in the workplace, it is essential to stand out from the crowd with such unique offers and strengthen employee loyalty."

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PERSENTIS saves us a lot of time in performance reviews and helps us to build an open, value-oriented feedback culture. We compared several platforms and PERSENTIS convinced us - the software is user-friendly and intuitive. We love how quickly and openly the PERSENTIS team responds to our feedback and suggestions."

Thomas Korb

GEZE Austria GmbH, Wiener Bundesstrasse 85, 5300 Hallwang, AT
www.geze.at, +43 6225 87180, austria.at@geze.com


Absolute recommendation - the PERSENTIS team is very competent and the employee survey itself is easy to use and easy to understand. Many thanks for the great support from the team.

Stefan Heschl

Rasthaus Dokl
Hofstätten 113, 8200 Hofstätten an der Raab, AT
www.dokl.at, +43 3112 59000, office@dokl.at


The evaluation and analysis by PERSENTIS has given me as an entrepreneur an overview of my entire personnel situation. The personal evaluations and comments have given me a picture of the mood in the workforce, and the evaluations and analyses have pointed out necessary measures. A professional tool that will certainly be helpful in the future.

Christian Schottenhamel

Paulaner am Nockherberg
Hochstraße 77, 81541 Munich, DE
www.paulaner-nockherberg.de, +49 89 4599130, mail@nockherberg.com


We were delighted with the PERSENTIS module for the employee survey! It was extremely easy to use, the daily reports offer the greatest possible transparency, the evaluation is very detailed and yet extremely clear and, above all, really informative. A particular advantage of PERSENTIS is that core questions that are particularly important in terms of team development can easily be added as additional questions. This makes PERSENTIS absolutely flexible and individual. We can therefore highly recommend PERSENTIS.

Max Hillmeier

Tourism Director
Marktstraße 9, 87541 Bad Hindelang, DE
www.badhindelang.de, +49 8324 8920, info@badhindelang.de


Our goal was to create our own employee brand. However, in order to determine the status quo and find out where we were starting from, we had to find out what really makes our employees tick, what motivates them, what they need and what bothers them. To initiate this process, the PERSENTIS tool is the measure of all things. The evaluation not only provided us with important clues for communication, but also gave us insights that we would never have suspected. This has given us new tools that we urgently need in the current situation!

Mag.(FH) Gerhard Höflehner

Managing Director

Natur und Wellnesshotel Höflehner GmbH ****Superior, Gumpenberg 2, 8967 Haus im Ennstal, AT
www.hoeflehner.com, +43 3686 2548, info@hoeflehner.com


The survey ran smoothly and without complications, and many employees took part. We now have a picture of the mood and this supports us in our management work. We would like to thank PERSENTIS!

Carola Portenlänger

Human Resources Alter Wirt GmbH
Marktplatz 1, 82031 Grünwald, DE
www.alterwirt.de, +49 089 6419340, info@alterwirt.de,


PERSENTIS has managed to find the common denominator between our team and the management. The analysis is a great help for a strong employer brand and higher loyalty.

We will definitely repeat PERSENTIS on a regular basis, as our employees closely followed the results and we were able to register great interest in the implemented optimizations. In order not to lose this momentum and to continue working on ourselves, we will now use PERSENTIS once a year for a valuable review.

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Dennis Imhof

Managing Director
Imhof Privathotels GmbH, Frankenstraße 1, 97737 Gemünden, DE
www.hotel-imhof.de, +49 93 5197110, info@hotel-imhof.de


I find the PERSENTIS system of the three motivation pillars, the approach and the simple online survey TOP. You find out how your own team is positioned and which individual measures are required.

Isabella Hren

Managing Director
Bayern Tourist GmbH, Prinz-Ludwig-Palace, Türkenstraße 7, 80333 Munich, DE
www.btg-service.de, +49 89 2809899, info@btg-service.de

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