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Recruiting with profile

For successful recruiting, personal qualities are just as important as professional qualifications. Only if a person has the qualities that are important for the job can there be a long-term "spark". A detailed target profile helps to fill a position with the right personality.

3 effective steps


Configure target profile


Configure target profile

Use PERSENTIS myMATCH to determine which personal qualities are crucial and which role the person should take on in the team. You receive an exact profile that describes the personality you are looking for. Feel free to use this information to clearly communicate what is important to you already in the job posting.


Recognize match


Recognize match

You can now interview to find out if a candidate matches the description, OR: You invite your candidates to complete a PERSENTIS myTYPE profile and attach it to the application documents or bring it along to the personal interview.

GRADE OF MATCH: Your PERSENTIS myMATCH result contains a typeTABLE - a grid from which you can read the extent to which the respective personality matches the target profile.

IMPORTANT: A personality profile does not say whether you can or cannot do something, but whether you feel "at home" in the assigned role and can therefore fill it intrinsically, from your own motivation.


Promote growth


Promote growth

ENABLING success by recognizing differences: When you enable people to do things "their way," they achieve maximum effectiveness.

Once you have found your MATCH, you can continue to follow the PERSENTIS myTYPE profile to promote the person and bring out their best

TIP: Use PERSENTIS myMATCH as a guide and basis for discussion in the job interview. This way, you bring up all the points that are important to you and can clearly express your requirements.

BENEFIT for the company

define precisely

As the decision-maker, you can determine exactly what is important in the job to be filled.

Select objectively

You can narrow down a pool of applicants with comparable qualifications in a well-founded manner.

Concrete vote

They can specify mutual expectations and align values and goals.

Exact validation

You can check whether you can offer the framework that your desired employee needs.

Decide based on facts

Based on comprehensible criteria, you can determine who can optimally fill the position.

Effective prevention

You can avoid miscasts and save high recruiting costs - in the interest of all parties involved.


PERSENTIS myMATCH FACTORS: Values and goals - Personal skills and strengths - Preferred work style - Social interaction, team behavior, leadership style - Stressors, stress and conflict behavior - Orientation - Current guiding principles and motivational factors; PERSONALITY TRAITS: Weighting of the 4 expressions of personality SOUVEREIGN - LIVING - AWARE - CORRECT; TYPE TABLE: Degree of congruence of all personality profiles with the target profile.

BENEFIT for applicants

... bring their personal qualities to the point

... become aware of their particular strengths

... recognize their stressors

... discover the framework they need to use your skills effectively

... present convincing arguments why exactly they are the right person for the job

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